& Mobility

LA Networks will keep your remote team mobile and secure without an increased burden on IT.

Mobile Device Proliferation

Our workplace has never been more mobile and dynamic. From an employee on their phone to a guest with a laptop, you need a strategy that allows people to connect seamlessly and keeps your business secure.

Mobile Device Management & Monitoring

LA Networks will help you fully integrate and secure smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices on your network to encourage collaboration amongst colleagues and clients and promote the mobility of your workforce.

VPN-less Connectivity

Collaborate outside of the network without having to connect via VPN. With a simple application, you can be sure you’re working easily and securely on any device.


No technology is more at risk for poor performance and management issues than Wi-Fi. Our expert engineers will help you design a scalable wireless network that delivers reliable high-performance, enabling seamless communication and unparalleled work flexibility.


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